Write For Us

If you are a woman with a keen interest in writing about health and wellness topics – mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental and everything in between – WellScout wants to hear from you!

Diversity, equity and inclusion is a critical, underlying value of WellScout, so special consideration will be given to ensuring a diverse group of women are represented, regardless of age, gender identity, sexual identity, racial identity, ethnic identity and geolocation, to name a few.

If you share our mission of creating and distributing content that can help other women achieve better health and wellness, please consider adding your voice to our platform that aims to make the health and wellness movement more inclusive and supportive.

Sharing content through the WellScout platform can happen in two ways:

Repost existing content: if you are an avid writer in relevant health and wellness topic areas, you can submit an article that you’ve already posted on your personal website or contributed to another source (as long as you have their permission)

Create custom content: if you have an idea for a new article or topic area you would like to explore, submit it!

Content Guidelines

Write about your experiences: sharing your personal, authentic experiences in the health and wellness topic area you selected helps you connect with our readers in a powerful way.

Credibility matters: are you a functional medicine specialist? A vegan chef? Citing your licenses, qualifications and credentials helps back up your personal, authentic experiences in your chosen topic area and lends more credibility to your viewpoint!

We don’t mess around!: WellScout takes copyright infringements and defamation seriously. We believe in appropriately crediting others for their work – written, photo, video, etc. All facts, statistics, quotes and claims you include in your article must be formally cited in the body of the article as well as at the close of the article. You may also include, either within the body text or at the end of the article, links to peer-reviewed academic papers, scientific papers and credible news outlets, if applicable.

Give the readers a preview: in the first 1-2 paragraphs of your article, write a very brief summary of what the reader can expect to read about in the subsequent paragraphs.

Helpful Tips

Crush it in the opening: hook the reader in the first paragraph. Ask yourself, “what about my opening lines make the reader want to continue reading my article?”

Familiarize yourself with WellScout’s content: read through our existing content. Get a feel for our chosen topic areas, our voice, tone and perspective. Familiarizing yourself with our work can help make sure you are in alignment with what we can accomplish together

Keep it simple and succinct: re-read your article carefully before submitting. Are you using plain, relatable language? Could you condense 2 paragraphs into 1? When in doubt, keep it short and simple.

How to Submit Your Work

1. Email your article to You must put the title of your article in the subject line and the full text in the body of the email

2. Include the following in the body of the email:

  • your bio (150 words or less)
  • links to your personal website and social media accounts
  • high quality/resolution headshot of you

3. WellScout reviews every article we receive, but since we are a small team, we unfortunately cannot respond to every submission. If your article has been accepted for posting on the WellScout website, you will receive a response within 14 business days.

When you submit your article to WellScout you are accepting the company’s terms and conditions as well as any form of editing that the WellScout team requires.